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Denean "DD" Richards

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Enriching Your Wealth Through Real Estate

A 25 year veteran of the real estate industry, DD brings her energy, integrity and hard work, to every client she works with.  A native of the South Bay area, DD grew up in Morgan Hill and still lives there today with her husband Marc and her dog Layla.

DD specializes in applying her years of experience and market knowledge to help her clients maximize their property values.  Whether it be a home, income property or piece of land, DD works closely with her clients to ensure it’s the right choice for them, guiding her clients through every step of the buying and selling process.  DD is real estate investor herself and enjoys helping others build a better financial future through real estate.

In her free time, DD is an avid organic gardener and loves to go hiking with Layla.  She and her husband recently purchased a home in Central Oregon and spend time there whenever they can.  Because of her knowledge and love of Central Oregon, DD is helping Bay Area residents sell their California home and purchase a home in Central Oregon where she has built a team to assist her clients in a seamless transition from state to State.

Layla’s Story

Layla garners a lot of attention wherever she goes.  Maybe it’s her friendly deep, brown eyes, her big smile or her unique fur that looks like tiger stripes, but everywhere she goes, people want to meet her and when they learn about her story, it makes her even more special.

DD has worked extensively with Operation Freedom Paws, a nonprofit in San Martin that takes rescue dogs and pairs them with veterans and disabled people and trains them to work together to assist with emotional and physical disabilities.  It was in 2016 when DD met Layla and her owner Tracy, who is an Army veteran.  Tracy had raised Layla from a pup and was trying to train her to become a service dog.  But Layla was a reluctant student and didn’t want to do the work.  Not every dog is cut out to be a service animal.  As DD and Tracy became friends, Tracy confided that things with Layla weren’t quite working out as planned and she needed a service dog that would give her the support she desperately needed but she was heartbroken at the thought of letting Layla go.  DD had lost her dog a year before and said that she and her husband would take Layla and give her an amazing home, if and when Tracy was ready to let her go. 

About six months later, Tracy started working with another dog and they worked beautifully together.  After a couple of months, she was ready to let Layla go, knowing that she would be going to a loving home and would have a very happy life.  DD took her home to become the newest member of their family.  She didn’t know it at the time but Layla would soon become a vital of her own health.

In June of 2017, just two weeks after they brought Layla home, DD and her husband Marc, a pilot and executive at IBM, were flying to Oregon in a small plane that Marc was piloting, when the engine blew up and they crashed.  Miraculously, they walked away from the crash but DD’s back was injured and would take extensive rehabilitation to improve.  Layla became a welcome distraction for DD and a wonderful source of emotional support.  DD also credits Layla with helping to rehab her back and improve her overall health with the frequent walks and exercise that Layla requires. 

Today, Layla and DD are best of friends and you’ll find them at the Morgan Hill dog park, Coyote Creek trails, Harvey Bear or one of the other wonderful outdoor spaces in the South Bay.  So, if you see a lady with a brindle colored, tiger striped dog, feel free to say hi. They love meeting new friends!

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Thinking About a Move to Central Oregon?

The Central Oregon region has become one of the most popular areas for Bay Area residents to move.  The lower cost of housing, great schools, slower pace of life and extensive opportunities to explore the natural wonders of the area, make it hard to resist.

DD and her husband have been traveling to Central Oregon for years, vacationing there every chance they can.  “It took us years to understand the various towns and areas of Central Oregon. We knew we wanted to buy a home there but didn’t know enough about the area to decide where exactly to buy and we didn’t have a trusted resource that we could rely on for help.  I want to be that resource for my clients and make the transition from California to Oregon as easy and fun as possible.”, said DD.

DD and her husband eventually decided to purchase a vacation home in Sunriver, a resort community just South of Bend and are thrilled they now have a place to call their own there.  DD is passionate about the area and saw the need to assist the people moving from the Bay Area to Central Oregon.  DD has assembled a team in Central Oregon and can assist you in selling your home in the South Bay and her team in Oregon will help you find the perfect home to call your own, answering all of your questions and ensuring your needs are met and you are comfortable every step of the way.

Let DD and her team assist you with the following.

  • Selling your home locally and purchasing a home in Central Oregon.
  • Buying a home in Central Oregon.
  • Answering your questions about the various areas of the region and discussing what might be a good fit for you.
  • Recommending places to stay and transportation.
  • Being a source for information on employment, schools and recreation.
  • General questions on what the Central Oregon region has to offer.

“Relocating can be extremely challenging.  I’d like to alleviate the pain points and make it easy and enjoyable for my clients.  We’d love to be the team that makes this exciting transition happen for you. Give me a call and let’s chat. “



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